Pet Fair Asia ︱FIDA unlock "AI custom" new posture, full of creativity.

The 25th PET FAIR ASIA returned to Shanghai and ended successfully on August 20. FIDA with full fire to this enthusiastic, warm, valuable industry gathering, and pet industry people carried out a deep exchange.

With the in-depth development of AI technology, artificial intelligence is constantly expanding its application scenarios in the pet industry, including pet identification, pet disease prevention, human pet communication, AI-assisted diagnosis and so on. How can we integrate advanced AI technology into the pet travel scene? FIDA found its way.

At the Asian Pet Exhibition, FIDA focused on product personalization, service intelligence and user experience, and used AI intelligence to map out, greatly improving the efficiency of product design. Not only brought a number of debut new products, but also incarnated "customization master", opening a new model of "artificial intelligence + small batch customization".

There is a special "display wall" in the booth, which displays hundreds of new products customized from different materials, processes and patterns, all of which are created by AI design according to the constantly updated fashion trends. Chinese style, dark style, metal style, functional style... The pattern style is rich and varied, which is undoubtedly a very attractive highlight for the pursuit of personalized and differentiated aesthetic generation Z.

No matter how beautiful and vivid the pattern is, its generation process is not complicated. Users only need to provide a simple description keyword, AI can quickly and accurately generate high-quality images according to the keywords, and can generate series of patterns with major festivals or marketing themes to meet the highly customized needs of different users.

In the one-stop supply solution provided by FIDA, AI design is just the first step. Through the new model of "artificial intelligence + small batch customization", we can simultaneously create production and sales channels to form a complete industrial chain, truly achieve on-demand production, and comprehensively improve consumer experience.

In order to create a richer and more hierarchical product experience, FIDA and PETSVILLE carried out a "surprise linkage" at the exhibition. "FIDA Adventure Corner" exhibited the circus series of retractable leash, creating a unique space for pets to explore the strange, attracting many fans to take photos, opening a new trend of pet personality travel.

In the 2023 PFA AWARDS, FIDA's brand strength was recognized again. Won the "Annual strength product Brand Award", which is a strong proof of FIDA's insistence on product innovation and the pursuit of quality first.

At the Pet Fair Asia, FIDA used AI technology to open customized services, so that the retractable leash has its own unique features, truly realize the precise focus on user needs, and provide professional customized solutions for many intended partners on the scene. In the future, FIDA will also maintain creativity, so that the product has more personality expression, and continue to create travel equipment that pet owners really love.