• User Experience Analysis



    Tracking and analysis were conducted according to different users' grip feeling, comfort degree, smoothness ofthe handle, ease of operation, stretching smoothness ofthe ribbon/rope, wear degree of  the webbing/rope after 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Study the usage habits of users, what kind offunctions are needed and what pain points are generated. Through the data  analysis of  the system,to determine the development design and functional improvement.

  • Behavioral studies of pets



    Tracking and analyzing the excitement and locomotion gait of pet dogs in the travel environment. Burst behavior generated by emotional changes and activity degree of other pets and people, and burst grade analysis formed. When pets wear collars, harness and other equipment,the burst behavior caused by continuous emotional excitementis analyzed. From how to improve the trigger ofthe strain caused by the burstto dogs and people,the FIDA Autobrake leash is designed and  developed.

    Pets in emotional situations will generate great pulling force. Study the destructive effect of pulling force on fabric and fiber. To study the destructive effect of ABS, PP, TPE, webbing,rope, cloth and other materials in the behavior of biting  and grinding.

    To study the deformation symptoms caused by the compression ofthe neck caused by lowering the head for a long time when the pet has a short neck. Design and develop adjustable bowlAngle function. Pet dogs like to push the food bowl while eating, and medium-sized dogs tend to bow their heads or sit down when drinking. Thus a drinking device with adsorption function and adjustable height of water bottle is designed.

New technology field



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