Quality and Safety

Equipped with testing laboratory and usertrialtesting system, FIDA quality Department strictly control incoming material, process andfinished product quality. The quality department always firmly believes that quality is notinspected, nor manufactured, but designed. Quality is ensured by reasonable design, standardized manufacturing, strictinspection and cast.

Retractable leash group standard is mainly drafted by FIDA, and by zhejiang Machinery Industry Information Institute, Zhejiang Institute of Science and Technology Information, Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation, Zhejiang NormalUniversity, Zhejiang Institute of Measurement Science and otherjoint participation ofthe group standard "T/ZZB 0634-2018 retractable petleash"

Test Laboratory

With 30 years of manufacturing experience, FIDA has developed a proprietary QC testing system for pet   leash. Perform 12 routine professionaltests on each retractable leash. Including hook strength, webbing/rope recovery strength and speed,retract operability,tensile strength, service life, drop test, high and low temperature environment, packaging vibration, salt spray test and othertestitems. Special requirements tests are also conducted depending on product characteristics. In orderto meetthe testing requirements, 8 sets of corresponding testing equipment have been independently develope.




Independently developed
Test Equipments

For each product developed by FIDA, in addition to professionaltesting in the laboratory, we also recruit more than 700 loyal users to become our producttesters.Afterthe development of new products,the usertrialtest will be carried outfor 1-6 months. During  the test, userfeedback will be collected weekly and will be made into a testreport.

The R&D Department will optimize product design through problem analysis to minimize the after-sales problems of each product.

User Trial Test