FIDA birthday party|Have a date with mung bean cake and cake, spend the cool and sweet summer

Spring turns to summer, with beautiful season,

Fida's April and May employee birthdays are also on schedule.

This time we'll taking you on a dim sum tour,

to have a date of mung bean cake and cake, spend the cool and sweet summer.



Hand for Mung bean cake, cool in the mouth

Fresh mung bean paste, dried cranberries, glove molds and other materials were prepared on the table. Everyone started to make the dough. Watching the dough gradually take shape, with various patterns, it was really a novel and interesting experience.



Let's have a look at them.



The small and delicate Mung bean cake is the color of summer at first sight, soft and fluffy, and brings a slight chill to the mouth.



Traditional pastries made by hand are always warmer, half of them are feelings, the other half is life.


Custom afternoon tea, sweet intended heart

After the production, the birthday girls put their mung bean cakes into gift boxes, hoping to share this thoughtful dessert with more people. Then there is the leisurely afternoon tea time, singing birthday songs, eating delicious cakes, receiving special gifts, and the feeling of birthday ceremony is no less.



Burning candles, just like beating hearts, are more shiny because they are gathered together!



April is the warm spring of hope.

May is the early summer of brilliant enthusiasm.

The annual celebration, please continue the spring, welcome the summer.

May the beauty of the world be linked with everyone.

Happy birthday,hope everything is going well.