Fida Autobrake Leash


AutoBrake Retractable Dog Leash, Safety for Both You and Your Dog

autobrake dog leash

Finally, we launch this autobrake leash on Amazon now. Simply put, we combine the automatic brake system in our retractable dog leash. Trust me, it's not easy, but pretty useful, especially when you walking a energetic puller. The basic theory is similar to car seat belt, but more reasonable for dog pulling, Not just to stop your dog, that probably hurt you or your dog if your dog suddenly pulling hard. This leash has a damping device which help to absorb the pulling and make dog slow down. And as a training retractable leash, it help your new puppy to quickly learn it's not ok to just run crazy on your walks. Of course, you need to choose a correct size for a better experience of autobrake. Different dog has different power. We need to make the autobrake leash match them.

Dog is a dog, always love to running crazy when he/she see a bird, cat or other wildlife. Abruptly strong pulling probably make you kiss the ground if you have a big dog, or hurt your arm, or make them in a dangerous situation. This auto-matic brake system definitely will prevent these from happening. Increase the security for both of you and your dog.

Enjoy walking and accompanying your dog well with this great invention and advanced retractable dog leash.

If you have the same situation when walk your dog, try this advanced autobrake retractable leash.

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Please choose the correct size based on your dog size and weight. If you have an energetic puller, please choose one size UP.

autobreake dog leash