FIDA co-hosts a pet party with Future Community to open a different adorable experience!

Socializing isn't just humans,

cuddly pets are also needed.

The temperature is getting higher and the heat wave is coming.

Are you and it looking forward to a good summer party?

Now let's go, dry up!



A summer utopia for you and your dog,

created by Fida and Future Communities.

There are dozens of groups of pet families here.

Fun aggregation, at ease to play!



As an advocate of safe travel for pets,

Fida wants you to experience the fun of traveling with your pet.

There are not only a lecture on pet care knowledge and yoga experience class,

but also a full-on pet obstacle course.



The variety of activities activated each dog's motor cells.

Let's take a look at everyone's wonderful performance!



What should you prepare for a safe race?

The answer is no extra preparation.

Just let the dog enjoy parkour

Others, the autobrake leash will hold!



In the world of people,

life can be healing with pets.

In the world of dog,

its life will be comforted by your master's company.

In a space where people and pets coexist,

Fida will always guard this exclusive memory with security.